A Marketing Job Not Meant for the Faint of Heart

What Are Growth Specialists?

We're Marketers

We’re Marketers

We’re doers, analyzers, and business-minded creatives that are focused on developing projects that introduce new, effective revenue streams and strategic opportunities to cPanel, Inc. — And we do this from start to finish! We mix marketing with both business development and sales to investigate possibilities, find solutions, and deliver results.

In short, growth specialists are the members of the cPanel marketing team — and we’re looking to grow again. Hopefully with you!

We're Marketers

The Right Fit

SEO, PPC, and (insert marketing jargon here) are only a small part of our B2B marketing game. The right person to join our team will not only bring a wealth of experience but also a drive to get their hands dirty; to learn and do more. (A friendly demeanor also helps!)

The First 80 Days

Within your first week, you will have opportunities to begin doing “real” work with the team and enjoy some of the great perks of being a cPanel employee. Along the way you’ll receive Scrum training and be introduced to Agile Marketing; the method in which we get work completed.

After the initial 80 days, you should have a solid grasp of the process and be capable at working alongside your teammates to value, size, and execute projects.

The Talent Behind the Madness

Stephen May

Stephen Brent May Product Owner

Superpower: The ability to make
any topic about him.

Amanda Shultz

Amanda Shultz Scrum Master

Superpower: The ability to make cheesy,
obscure board games enjoyable.

Aaron Phillips

Aaron Phillips Chief Business Officer / Team Member

Superpower: The ability to poke fun at
everyone else's super powers.

Long Duong

Long Duong Team Member

Superpower: Bionic

Mario Rodriguez

Mario Rodriguez Team Member

Superpower: The ability to Macro Pivot
all the datas.

JR Miller

JR Miller Team Member

Superpower: Superhuman cookie
detection and consumption.

Joanna Miles

Joanna Miles Team Member

Superpower: The unique capacity to detect
and converse with offbeat people.

Clarissa Marshall

Clarissa Marshall Team Member

Superpower: The ability to travel to over 63
countries in less than a decade.

Do you have the makings of a growth specialist?

Or, do you know someone that should be a part of the team?

I Know a Great Fit

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